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Zootool, the visual Delicious

Doy you know the feeling when you stumble over a new web service and you classify them immediately in the two categories: Just functional and Well, this is good designed?* 

Zootool Rhino

Zootool is a bookmarking service developed by Bastian Allgeier that definetly belongs in the second category. It makes fun to use it, and that’s how all web apps should feel like. (On a sidenote: It’s astounding how many iPhone apps would fall in the second category compared to their Android equivalents.)

In a few words, Zootool works like delicious with thumbnails from the pages you bookmark - videos get displayed onsite. One could say it’s a tumblr replacement. I don’t know about that, but Zootool is the place where I will put my found internet pics in the future. (Now if only Ffffound would offer a simple exporter.)

Furthermore the developer told me via mail that they are planning to release new features and pro memberships (which you could get inofficially right now). Here an extract from the email in german:

Aktuell gibt’s folgende zusätzliche Features:

- uneingeschränkter Bookmark Import**
- Instapaper Sharing
- Abschaltbare Werbung
- unbeschränkte Anzahl an “Packs”
- Email-Posting (jeder Pro User erhält eine persönliche Email Adresse, an die er neue Einträge per Email schicken kann)

In nächster Zeit sollen außerdem noch folgende Features nach und nach dazu kommen:

- Posterous Support
- Öffentliche Packs
- Eigene Screenshots
- Statistiken für die einzelnen Einträge im Zoo (Views, Comments)
- Smart Packs
- Notizen

Unser Preissystem ist ziemlich simpel: 25 $ für ein Jahr, 40 $ für 2 Jahre.

Es wird außerdem demnächst ein Rewardsystem geben, mit dem man sich seinen Pro-Account zeitlich aufstocken kann, aber dazu später mehr. 

So if you haven’t decided yet where to go with your delicious bookmarks, I would suggest you try the service.


A visual service needs a good-looking RSS feed in my opinion. Zootool offers feeds, but the thumbnails are only a miniature of the actual image. So I made one that has the original image (if available) embedded by using the Zootool API.

Zootool Pipe with better media support

Just replace my username with yours and click on “Get as RSS”.

* I have to add that design includes usabilty for me.

** At the moment also available for free memberships, due to the Delicious/Yahoo-PR-Disaster.

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