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Just wondering, why it’s always OK Go that makes amazing...

Just wondering, why it’s always OK Go that makes amazing videos that go viral to their singles?

It started with Here It Goes Again and now there are even two versions to their current single This Too Shall Pass:

The one in pure nature & the one above, in a dark factory building.
I like the second one better. Because their smashing their own video. And it has a Rube Goldberg machine - ‘nuf said.

[Edit] Wired has some interesting insights about the video shoot:

Sadowsky estimates that 55 to 60 people worked on the project in all. [..] In addition, Syyn Labs recruited 30 or more people to help reset the machine after each run. […] Even with all those people helping, resetting the whole machine took close to an hour.
The video was shot by a single Steadicam, but it took more than 60 takes, […]
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