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iPhone OS 4.0 justifies Jailbreaking

Yeah, you could read the title again. I mean it.

After the unveiling of the new iPhone OS, shipping this summer, tech blogs are pretty amazed at the new features Apple brings to their smartphone. Well, I’m not, because the important parts were already covered years ago by software available through the Jailbreak Store, namely Cydia. Others have written about the “freeing” of Apples closed system before, so I won’t tackle this in detail.

But what bugs me really hard is the fact that Steve Jobs said the whole time their system was good as it is. Noone needed apps one the 1st gen iPhone and noone needed Multi-Tasking either. Every time the crowd has to tell Apple what’s important.

With 4.0, some of the feature enhancements which come with a Jailbreak gets covered with original software - the same thing happened with 3.0 quite analog (e.g. Copy & Paste). Let’s look at some of the new pieces:

  • Folders gives you, well just folders - Jailbreak counterpart: CategoriesSB
  • Possibility of Wallpaper customization - Jailbreak counterpart: BossPaper (with more features); not to forget the famous theming program Winterboard.
  • Possibility to set up multiple exchange accounts - Jalbreak counterpart: The simple tweak MultiExchange.
  • Multi-Tasking is available, but in a somehow crippled way - Jailbreak counterpart: Backgrounder in conjunction with different possible GUI’s, the Palm Pre like ProSwitcher or Circuitos, etc. Interesting to note that these got invoked via doubleclick on the home button…

Now you can say “but Apple did it in a way preserve ressources and don’t drain the battery”. But that’s just not true. Or please give me another reason the whole feature set will only be available on the 3GS model? ProSwitcher instead works on all iPhones (of course not so smooth as on the current model, but at least the user has the choice.)

Apple did take care for some of their flaws, but Jailbreaking will continue to be the only way for some people - including me - to use their iPhone, until Jobs will open up the App Store in general and looses the draconian way to run the platform.

I could only imagine what a exorbitant thriving ecosystem would be created by embracing developers and give them real access.

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